Welcome to Director Talk

Interviews with filmmakers around the globe.

At Director Talk, we like to ask questions that haven't been asked before. Our goal isn't to shock; it's just that unprepared answers are more interesting than ones that have been repeated countless times before. You'll probably find yourself thinking, Why did they ask that, of all things? That's OK. The answer is, You never know what the answer will be if you don't ask the question.

We also believe that films and filmmaking, like every art, should be explored from many angles: What was it like to make the film? In what cultural climate was it produced? What function did it serve? To that end, our interviews are part personal statement, part history, part travelogue, part sociolinguistics.

We feature a new interview every two weeks. Recent Interviews section includes additional interviews with film directors, as well as flamenco artists, directors of cultural institutions, music ensembles, and the like.